My Buzz

Maker of bead and wire tree sculptures. One of a kind pieces of art, made as ready to buy or by commission.

My Bio

I've had a lifelong love of bonsai trees (and full sized ones) but between house moves and lack of space, living plants don't tend to fare well. Started making wire and bead trees as a hobby in 2014, and it didn't take too long before friends and family started encouraging me to think about selling them. Probably a good call because I was running out of space and people to gift them to. After a lot more practise, preparation and planning, Twysted Roots was launched in April 2017.

Creating wire tree sculptures has combined my love of art, creativity and nature. One comment that stuck with me was "I've seen gem trees for years and they always look the same. Yours have character", and that sort of summed up how I felt about them, each one looking like it has its own story behind it.

I mainly use glass seed beads but I do have a range of other beads including gemstone, high end luxury crystal and Murano glass. The wire used is tarnish resistant copper wire, which comes in a range of colours.

My Business Tips

Observe how other people do it, but find your own way / do what works for you. Be patient and consistent, and if you're lucky enough to find people to support what you do, remember and do the same in return when you can.