My Buzz

We have a real buzz for creating simple yet engaging designs that are a reminder of your favourite place and are a real talking point in the home! Each town or city has its own unique shape and look linking it's main residential areas with key streets and features.

We have had an exciting year creating over 21 new maps, refined our style, taken on commissions for multi national businesses and created our own website. We are learning everyday, meeting and engaging with other small business owners and it's fab!

My Bio

We are a Mother/Daughter duo based in East Yorkshire - with an eye for detail and love for maps we began creating our range of Underground Style Maps in 2018. Our maps are designed as 'fictional' style maps across various cities and towns.

Our range has grown significantly and we are always looking for new inspiration and different Towns & Cities to put our Underdog Studio stamp on!

My Business Tips

Word hard. Every day of your life and try and try and tryyy........ Hang on, maybe that's a song?

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