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Being an #sbs winner has opened a door into a whole new family. It is great to be able to tweet with other folk you KNOW are on the small business rollercoaster!

My Bio

Peter set up Vallum Tea Room & Ice Cream Parlour as a diversification project from his dairy farm in 2005. It was my marriage proposal .. 'would you like to do Vallum with me'. I actually said yes to marriage and no to Vallum! Seven years later and the site has gone from being a normal farm to attracting thousands of visitors a year.
In 2012 Peter helped a local building team to convert a large barn into units for other small businesses. We have viewing windows into the units and a fantastic chef has joined us to set up a wonderful restaurant and shop. He brought with him an excellent artisan baker and pulls together the grower, the smoker and even the florist we have on site to showcase them to our visitors.
Great plans of collaboration and cross pollination are afoot for 2013. Exciting times!

My Business Tips

Dont always automatically assume other people know more than you. It's your business and chances are you actually have the answers you are looking for.

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