My Buzz

We have launched a 2 month pop-up shop in Leeds' Queens Arcade over the Christmas period!

My Bio

After noticing men have no designated shop for accessories on the high street, we made it our mission to bring affordable, definitive and timeless products such as bags, wallets, bracelets and belts to the male consumer. We also make it easy for women to buy men gifts, as this is no simple task!
Vercity started out online and we held our first pop-up outlet at Harrogate's Victoria Shopping Centre. After the success of our pop-up we are now striving to the next stage of arranging a shop on the high street.
Join us in our movement to enlightening the men's accessory industry!

My Business Tips

From my experience of starting and running a business I've learnt these key lessons:

1. It's much harder than you think. Be prepared to give up all your weekends.
2. Marketing is vital. You should spend the majority of your time marketing.
3. Use Hootsuite for your social media management, it's free and works brilliantly.
4. Prepare a checklist of all the things to do during a standard day.
5. Cashflow forecasts are never realistic. Budget/plan for the unexpected.

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