My Buzz

I won my RT from Theo Paphitis on 3rd April 2011 which incidentally was Mother's Day. Immediately my list of followers increased and I received lots of lovely comments from them as they started to tweet with me. Over the next couple of weeks the number of visits to my website increased along with orders and enquiries to stock my soaps in gift shops and boutique hotels which in turn gave me a huge confidence boost. Thank you Theo!

My Bio

I’ve been making soap for a number of years and giving it to friends and family as gifts. In 2010 when my role in a large company was placed at risk I decided to have a website built and have a go at running my own little soap empire. I launched my business towards the end of March 2011 to very positive results. I attend lots of events and fairs and find that I am getting lots of repeat orders through the website afterwards. I’m a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters and am currently enjoying life and all the new opportunities thrown at me.

My Business Tips

1. Be prepared for the long hours when first starting out.
2. You don’t always get things right first time but learn from your mistakes and move forward.
3. Have confidence in your decisions and move forward with them. Someone once said to me that not making a decision is worse than making a bad one. Most times you will get it right – gut instinct.
4. Accept the offer of help from friends and family, after all they want you to succeed too.
5. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Most importantly have Fun!

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