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Vincent's Coffee was founded in 2013 with a set of very clear aims:
To run our company to the highest ethical standards

We make sure that our supply chain is sustainable and cruelty free.

We actively consider our environmental impact and are constantly looking at ways to reduce it.
We want to create a positive and collaborative working environment for all our our staff.

To make the best coffee

We maintain strong links with our suppliers to ensure our supply chain remains robust and quality controlled.
All of our coffees are freshly roasted and blended in Yorkshire (about 10 minutes from Bethan's house!)
We dedicate a lot of our time to testing, tasting and improving our blends

To make choosing your coffee easy

Our flavor categories are a clear way of knowing what to expect from a blend.
Use them as a guideline for tasting notes and to uncover depth.

My Bio

Our founder Bethan has had an unusual journey into the world of coffee...

Bethan graduated from The University of York in 2013 with a degree in History.

Facing the graduate world equipped with a rather comprehensive knowledge of the late medieval agricultural economy, she wondered what to do next.

There is a wise saying which came to mind in this situation - "do what you love."

Whilst studying in the Netherlands, Bethan had fallen in love with coffee and the dutch cafe culture (we have to be careful explaining this bit, we don't mean Coffee House culture!).

She noticed that nobody in the Netherlands seemed to be drinking coffee from large chains, which was due to the high quality of coffee found in independent cafes.

In fact, she spent a lot of her time sitting by the canals, in many different cafes, trying lots of different coffees (there was some studying happening, we promise!).

Upon returning to the UK, Bethan started to wonder why so many people were putting up with mediocre coffee. This sparked the idea of setting up her own coffee company to supply those seeking something better.

Want to find out more about Bethan's business journey? You can check out her most recent updates on her blog,

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