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We've already seen a huge increase in visits to the website - in just 1 day! As well as loads of support from the very buzzy #SBS community on Twitter! It's been a wonderful whirlwind so far for us and the people within the community that we love to promote!

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Vintage & Upcycled brings together buyers, sellers, lovers & crafters to create a buzzing and vibrant online community where we can buy, sell, share, learn & create.

We promote local crafters, discovering markets and events in your area or buying & selling bargains online V & U is the place to go. It's also FREE!


Buy a unique one of a kind piece by exploring our classifieds


Sell your wares for free online, commission free, from small start-ups to established businesses


Share tips about all things vintage, craft & upcycled


Learn about how to improve your business from others working in the same field


contact the sellers and pay them DIRECTLY or choose where you's like to buy- Easy & Simple


You can add a profile for your business or event ABSOLUTELY FREE & you can sell your wares for FREE. NO COMMISSION FEES, so you take home 100% of the money from each sale.

My Business Tips

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket!
Learn to adapt and change quickly!
Use social media to build a community of people that love and share your products and services!

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