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Hello and yippeeeee I made it here, after trying for a few years, i can now say I am an #SBS winner. Woop Woop!
VIPmumsNdads was put together because we noticed that there was not a place where families and businesses could connect and so over the past few years we have been adapting our site to accommodate for everyone! hoping to bring everyone together within our website, which is FREE to join and for all our members to use the many features we have available, from sharing news, competitions, offers, days out, or adding blogs.
Pop on over and take a look!

My Bio

Hi My name is Netty (Annette) I live in Hampshire with my husband of 20 plus years and 4 children, half have already left home! Woop Woop!
No shouldn't say that they have all turned out good and living happy lives.
I was bullied and at the same time I was offered the opportunity to build up VIPMums from nothing and that's where I began my journey to here with VIPmumsNdads, I can now proudly say we have over 17,000 Twitter Followers, and over 1660 website members, from nothing to this, I am so happy to win this, #SBS is my BUZZ of the year Rock on 2019 to see what is next!
Catch you around online from Netty x

My Business Tips

Hmmmm will have to think about that one!

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