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The reaction to winning #sbs was overwhelming! We gained lots of new followers on Twitter and messages of congratulations, and lots of new, loyal customers too!

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Established in 2010, Virtual Vintage specialises in good quality authentic men's, women's and children's vintage clothing, as well as accessories and retro homeware from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.
We support the idea of being green and expressing individuality by recycling past fashions in order to be worn and enjoyed again.
We like to sell what we think is a perfect example of excellent quality fashion from days gone by and you can rest assured knowing that you can buy from a company that does not support the use of third world labour in the manufacture of its garments as our clothing is sourced from the UK. Many of our items were originally proudly made in Britain. Furthermore, we do not buy in bulk or import from the US, and only wash our clothing in eco-friendly washing powder, thus reducing our carbon footprint and, in return, helping to save the planet!

My Business Tips

-Good customer service is essential to us, so we aim to respond to all enquiries within 4 hours, no matter what the day of the week!

-Make good use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter by keeping your customers up to date on your latest stock by providing photos and detailed information.

-Since our stock is pre-worn vintage, we only stock the best quality and hand pick all of our items so that the customer knows they are only getting the best and are not wasting their money on poor quality items.

-Love what you do! Don't start a business on the grounds that it is popular at that time and you want to cash in, as you will soon lose interest! We live and breathe what we do, both inside and outside of work, and we think that really shows!

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