My Buzz

I create stunning business portraits my clients love to use. Whether that's business portraits of you and your team for your website or headshots for social media and LinkedIn. Whether you love or dread having your photograph taken it's my job to capture you at your best and help you create a great visual first impression. I help clients across the Midlands, in companies of all sizes, develop their personal and business branding through creative and impactful photography. We have less than a sixth of a second to make the right impression with our profile image make sure your headshot creates the right first impression of you and your business.

My Bio

As a portrait photographer since 2004, my passion is for helping people to look great and to love their own image.
In our image obsessed world, I want you to be proud of your photograph. It’s my experience in life and work that have shaped the style of service I offer, to make sure it’s different and a far better experience for you, too.
I take my 14 years as a portrait photographer
add 10 years of work in marketing and business
mix a lifetime of devouring imagery from galleries, films & magazines
combined with my ability to help people relax and feel confident
plus a sprinkling of my tendency towards perfectionism
… and hey presto, I make you look gorgeous.

My Business Tips

As a small business I am my brand, therefore my number one business tip is to always remember that. Whether online, face to face or via social media we are always being judged so be interested in what others have to say and listen to what they are really looking for from you as a service or product provider. Make your clients feel special because they really are.

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