My Buzz

All events whether a conference for 500 or a small intimate engagement or wedding gathering can benefit from a little audiovisual magic. A small (or very large) PA system, full staging or lighting can all be provided along with technicians if required. Our BUZZ is that we bring the magic to an event.

My Bio

The business was first trading back in 2004 and was reborn in 2010 in the format it is now trading in. With over half our business supporting events with event management and full professional audiovisual solutions, it is fair to say we make events. The other part of our business provides design solutions for electronic audiovisual installations in all types of businesses.

My Business Tips

Dare to dream the dream - then work out how to achieve it, write down your solutions to achieving the dream then regularly review progress.
Take advantage of a business mentor to help grow the business and our own personal development.
We were born with two ears and one mouth - listen twice as much as we speak!
Cash is king!

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