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"I wanted to combine my work and love of gardening to develop truly indulgent, natural products. The range is inspired by my greatest passions in life; plants, gardening and helping people develop their potential. Every element from the ingredients to the packaging is designed to create a moment of calm away from their hectic everyday lives"

Soap packaging, gift boxes & bags are made from recycled clothing and embedded with flower seeds so when you have finished with the gorgeous products, plant the packaging, add water and watch flowers grow and bloom.

Just as our packaging has potential to blossom, we too can flourish nurtured by natures ingredients & calm moments of reflection and relaxation.

My Bio

Reclaim “you” time with our unique range of handmade soaps and beauty products
Use our luxurious range of handmade soaps and bath products to create a moment of calm. Our collection helps you discover and nourish your sense of well-being through our inspiring exercises and techniques which encourage both reflection and relaxation.

My Business Tips

Instead of a TO DO list, keep a Have DONE list, at the end of the day review progress you have made and ask how of your time has been spent on key business objectives.

When you are inundated and not sure which way to turn next. STOP take 3 deep breaths and focus on your breath coming in and going out. You will gain a new clarity and sense of calm.

Remember why you started with your business when times get tough and reconnect with your purpose.

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