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We have gained much exposure through SBS, which no doubt will help our business grow. SBS has help to increase traffic to our website and our social media pages.

My Bio

I am an effective brand development & marketing specialist with very strong creative foundations. 

I have successfully assisted in taking many new products from the initial concept through to award winning products, implementing brand identity, product design and marketing. 

The WaterBaby brand was born during my wife’s first pregnancy after she found that she was struggling to take the regular vitamin tablet during episodes of morning sickness and fluctuating eating habits.

Knowing the importance of good hydration, nutrition, folic acid and the benefits of water, a solution was to develop a product which included all of these essential elements within one daily, refreshing water drink.

WaterBaby provides a recommended daily amount of folic acid and also includes an additional supporting vitamin blend to help during pregnancy and breastfeeding stages. The product is available within the UK and South Africa and we are currently busy making it more available throughout the world.

My Business Tips

Innovate at every opportunity. Be sensible with money, slow and steady wins the race. Use effective free marketing such as social media, as it really can help you connect your brand to your audience and you will gain massive insight about your business or product via these platforms. Most of all never give up!!!

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