My Buzz

We're thrilled to have been chosen as #SBSwinners!

One of our business goals over the past year has been to expand our social media presence, in the hope of reaching a wider audience and gaining some new clients.

The power of Theo Paphitis' Retweet has already opened up our network to dozens of new businesses, and we're very excited to see where this takes us.

My Bio

WDC Creative are an independent design studio based in Manchester, UK.

We specialise in commercial interiors, graphic design and branding, and we work with our clients both globally and locally, on a diverse range of projects - from concept development to delivery, across many sectors.

My Business Tips

Strong client relationships underpin everything we do - we can't stress enough the value of working hard to keep your clients happy.

Collaboration is key. Our network of expert delivery partners have enabled us to push our creativity without constraint, and embracing new technology and trends.

Size doesn't matter. Our team may be small, but it is mighty. And with each of us boasting different and diverse skill sets, there's rarely a challenge we won't take on.

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