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Unlock the hidden workforce! We are the UK’s online workplace - where businesses outsource tasks to skilled remote freelancers including mums, dads & retirees.

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The problem:
Companies struggle to find people with the right skills when they need them.

Recruiters are reporting talent shortages across the UK economy and traditional options like hiring a full-time employee, getting a temp on site, outsourcing the work to an agency or just doing it yourself can be expensive and inefficient.

The solution:
weliketowork, the UK’s dedicated freelance marketplace, gives clients access to trusted UK workers who understand their needs and can work remotely as and when required.

Companies post projects like “run my Twitter campaign”, “write me a blog article” or “research these 10 company websites for me” and skilled professionals bid to carry out the work remotely with all transactions and communications taking place securely through the system.

How it started: was created in 2014 by Tim Williams and Jonny Dunning to fill the UK skills gap by unleashing a ‘hidden workforce’ of talented professionals for whom working full time in an office was not an option.

A key part of this ‘hidden workforce’ is the highly valuable but massively under-utilised community of stay at home mums. We believe in the power of mums and so we launched the MumPower campaign to help talented women bring their knowledge and experience back to the market.

Tim and Jonny are passionate about making things happen, always believe in ‘can do’ and they really do like to work!

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