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We all want to wear beautiful, high quality clothes that look and feel fabulous. We also want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the people who made them are treated fairly and the planet isn’t being harmed. This is why Where Does It Come From? has created its own range of gorgeous clothes and accessories that are fully traceable, so that you can discover exactly where yours came from and get to know the people involved. You will also have the reassurance that comes from knowing that by buying one of our garments you are helping to improve the lives of the people who made it.

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I’m Jo Salter, Founder of Where Does It Come From?

Like many mothers I worried that the clothes I was buying for my children were not being ethically sourced and that I may indirectly be helping to sustain the evil of child labour and contributing to pollution in some of the world’s poorest countries

It was this that motivated me to seek a way of providing an ethical alternative for garments people needed to buy. Finding like minded people to partner with such as Moral Fibre Fabrics has enabled us to produce our first ranges of traceable clothes. Moral Fibre are able to source local cotton and work closely with the co-operatives to follow the process from cotton to fabric. We are also working with new partners to explore ideas for future ranges – coming soon!

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