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White Horse Property Services are a local company, based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire covering the South West region.

We offer you a comprehensive, professional, impartial inventory service, that complies with industry standards, using the latest cutting edge technology, all our reports are detailed, comprehensive, incorporating embedded photographs and digital signage.

Our reports are clear and easy to understand, giving you all the information you need to reduce the risk of tenancy disputes and build trust between landlord and tenant.

My Bio

I served in the British Army for 18 years as a Military Policeman and left the Army in 2007. After a number of different jobs I found i was working for a local letting agent carrying out all their inventory requirements and running their maintenance department single handed.

I decided that it would be better use of my skills to go alone, so in 2014 i established White Horse Property Services (Mainentance & Inventory) Ltd, with a view to managing both landlord maintenance and inventory requirements. However, the inventories now take up all my time, so the maintenance side has been shelved.

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