My Bio

We launched our business after years of misplaced devices, cracked screens and one unfortunate incident that left me rescuing my phone from the depths of a toilet.
The lightbulb moment came when I was trying to take a precarious shot.
I was hanging over a bridge trying to capture the moment but didn’t want to risk it. When I had a look at the market to find something that would help me keep hold of my phone, there wasn’t anything that was strong and secure enough.

The early days of PhoneHug
Working with co-founder Geoff Barke, now husband, I drew the design in mind and made it out of paper. Then trawled international trade site Alibaba to find a manufacturer.
We went through three different suppliers before we found a factory. After that, we needed someone that could use Computer-aided design software. The first guy said it couldn’t be done, but we found another guy who was a friend of the family and is still with us today.
Resigning from my job as a photographer in March 2017 we were selling PhoneHugs by November. Since then, the company has turned over £100,000 in revenue.

My Business Tips

Keep going, know you will be where you want to be, do what you want to do and have the things you want. Feel that future self and be, do, have as that future self.

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