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This is our first award and we are so proud!

My Bio

WightStream Hydrocleaning Services Ltd is an Exteroir Cleaning and Restoration Company based on the Isle of Wight which was established in May 2015. The Domestic and Commercial departments of the company deal with many services including window cleaning, gutter cleaning and even solar panel cleaning. The Industrial and Maritime departments of the company deal with paint removal on ships and buildings, artex removal and even white line removal. Check out our website for a full list of services.

My Business Tips

Have a solid business plan.

Research your market, and take a risk.

Save some money for advertising.

Start your brand as you mean to go on.

Research Everything; Equipment, vehicles, website design, social media.

Try and get as much free advertising as possible; hosting a Charity event, winning awards...

TRUST YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS PLAN! Know the hardship and doubt you may be going through will be the fuel to your success.

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