My Buzz

Within minutes of winning I had numerous inquiries for business and the increased interest in what I was doing was amazing.

My Bio

When I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, 8 years ago, I wasn’t much of a cook.
But I did like food, and I wanted to know how and why gluten was used in cooking. So I decided to train as a chef!! Starting with an apprenticeship at the Waldorf Hotel, winning ‘Apprentice of the Year’, a national finalist in ‘Young chef of the Year’ and securing a ‘stage’ at The Fat Duck. I then went on to work in various hotels and restaurants before setting up Wild Thexton, a gluten free catering and artisan baking company. In 2012, I was runner-up ‘Gluten free Chef of the Year’.

My Business Tips

Work efficiently. There's no point working a 90-hour week if you spend half of it faffing, be organised and work hard. It's amazing what can be acheived.

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