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“It is great to have support from Theo because our business is niche and most people still don't realise that they can use our services rather than the Local Council for Building Control Approvals. People think we are just a subcontractor to the Council and don't realise we are a complete alternative and are licensed to issue the Approvals making us the actual decision makers. By using our services you still get the same plan and site checking offered by the local authority, but without the bureaucracy associated with the public sector. We also find that people mistakenly think that because they don't need Planning Permission they don't need Building Regs approval either and end up with problems when they come to sell. Even minor building work such as removing a chimney, installing a toilet under the stairs, or putting up or taking down walls in their homes or workplaces can need approval. So it's fantastic that Theo has recognised our hard work and helped spread the word about what we do to his following. Together we really are Building Standards in the UK”

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Wilkinson Construction Consultants are Licensed Approved Inspectors which is the alternative way to get Approval instead of using the Local Authority Building Inspector. Successive Governments have recognised the role that Approved Inspectors have played in fixing the problems of the 1980s.

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We are all about Building Standards In the UK - that underpins everything we do, so strive to be the best and dont worry about what your competitors are doing. And an endorsement from Theo doesnt hurt either of course :)

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