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Promoting the magic and power of books and reading, with a wide range of handmade, Personalised Story and Gift Cushions, perfectly complemented by other coordinating, personalised cards and accessories.

My Bio

Having worked within children's services for most of my life, the importance of reading and education has always been something I have been interested in and promoted. So when a rare and chronic health condition forced me to leave a career I loved and to re-evaluate my life, the idea of the personalised Story Cushions was naturally born out of the creative therapy I undertook and the knowledge and passion I had about children's development.

It soon grew into my small business and today I have a range of over 80 handmade Story Cushion designs and have expanded to include Pocket Cushions Gift Sets, co-ordinating Greeting Cards and other children's accessories, which can all be personalised to add that extra special touch. I have also developed Gift Cushions for adults, promoting reading and mindfulness.

As well as selling online, in retail outlets and at shows and events, I have recently begun to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and am developing a wholesale strand to my business and looking forward to creating a subscription service.

My Business Tips

Create a vision and be creative in exploring all paths to help realise it.

Be clear about your goals and the steps you need to go through to reach them.
Aim high and aim to surpass.

Treat adversity as a challenge and find creative ways to rise to it - Personal and business growth is achieved more through navigating the troughs than experiencing life's peaks.

Never give up and constantly utilise the power of social media to get yourself noticed. It took me a while to get Theo's attention!

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