My Buzz

Be healthy, happy and wise. Three essentials for life I believe and the starting point for all of these is mindfulness and meditation. With these tools you can keep your blood pressure down, your aches and pains minimised, sleep better and eat better....the perfect prescription for health and happiness.

Happiness and wisdom grow from knowing your mind. Knowing when it is doing it's 'monkey-mind' thing and giving you pointless grief and how you can calm your thoughts and feelings down so you feel peaceful instead. From that peaceful, calm mind space you can achieve anything, be anything you want to.

I am in the middle of designing an on-line mindfulness and meditation training programme which should launch at the beginning of Feb 2017. From feed back I have had so far it looks like there is demand for this training programme to go onto DVD too. I am also in the process of researching Retreats so I can see what works, what doesn't and then launch my own.

My Bio

For 15 years ran my own fitness classes and personal training, moving from that into teaching Yoga and now mindfulness and meditation.
I qualified as an acupuncturist (BSc Hons), 8 years ago and have been running my own clinic ever since.

My Business Tips

Do something to market your business every weekday. Then take time away to rest and rejuvenate your mind and body (weekends are good!) With the quietness that time out brings, you can be inspired with new ways to solve problems and new ways to develop your business.

Mindful exercise is good for your mind and your body. With my acupuncturist's head on, mindful movement stops stagnation and gives you more energy....providing your exercise is done at an intensity that makes you feel good at the end of it and not making you collapse in a heap.

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