My Bio

Hi I’m Jasmine I’m a certified family coach and a qualified teacher and I teach key tools and techniques to teenagers to help them believe in themselves and I support adults too.
I know now that had I been equipped with the right resources at a young age, things would have been a lot easier for me.

Now that I have gained those resources, I would like to help other people gain them too. It is my sincere hope that my experience can help other young people to avoid the pitfalls that I encountered and feel fulfilled and happy NOW, not in 15 years. I also learned how important happy healthy families are and what role they play in well being. I want to help families feel connected, healthy and happy so that all family members can overcome their challenges.

I deliver workshops to individuals and companies and give talks to build confidence and resilience around wellbeing challenges. I provide resources to empower and educate employees to manage their family lives and enable them to thrive in the workplace. I also work closely with educational institutions supporting teachers, students and parents.

My coaching program can also be implemented by educators, coaches and counsellors, across the globe to use with their clients.

Looking forward to meeting you :)

My Latest Offers

When a coaching session is purchased with me, I'm now offering free access to 94 videos (each video is 1 - 4 mins long). These pre-recorded videos cover 10 workshops which are part of my Creative Confidence program. Yes I recorded that amount of videos, more actually, as there were a few retakes! Each workshop comes with an interactive, optional workbook.

Here is a description of my workshops - which I offer face to face, online and pre-recorded.

This interactive program teaches a variety of skills and techniques catering for a wide range of learning styles. Each workshop starts with creating a safe space and setting the scene, group rules and a confidentiality agreement. Participants start by acknowledging their own feelings at that moment in the form of an emoji, word or drawing. An icebreaker follows this to enable everyone to feel comfortable, safe, relaxed and connected.

Each workshop is created to enable each participant to spend quality time with themselves, answer powerful questions, complete various exercises and learn new tools and techniques to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

Throughout each workshop, I encourage those involved to record key learnings in a workbook provided and reflect on those learnings in the days that follow.

Each workshop takes the participants on a journey of self-discovery, gaining awareness of themselves in their own time and at their own pace. These sessions ultimately help a person to build a healthy relationship with themselves which will, in turn, improve the relationships they have with others in their lives.

Each workshop has its own theme, whether that’s identifying values or encouraging self- belief through self-discovery - all leading to an improved level of self-confidence and self- awareness.

Workshop 1: Let’s identify our values

In this workshop participants will learn what’s important to them, what makes them happy, what qualities they admire in themselves and others and what really matters to them.

Participants will take part in various activities including:
Role play creation
Visualisation in order to tap into their subconscious and to connect with their intuition
Reflection tasks and takeaway points

Workshop outcome: These interactive activities are designed to elicit authentic information from the participants and have them gain a greater self-awareness, build their confidence and gain clarity of what’s important for them.

Workshop 2: Let’s discover ourselves 

Do you know what your dream is?

In this workshop participants will learn what their dream is by working through thought-provoking exercises - gaining clarity of their goals and the confidence to work towards them.

Activities include:
Pair-work questions to gain further insight into themselves
Individual self-assessment
Goal setting exercises
Visualisation to deeper understand their goal
Sharing, reflection and takeaway points

Workshop outcome: Participants will gain clarity on one of their goals through self-assessment and visualisation.

Workshop 3: Let’s connect with our super power

In this workshop participants will complete an activity to discover a key strength of theirs. During the session, they will be asked thought-provoking questions in order to discover traits about themselves and become conscious of how they can use these traits to serve them as a superpower.

Activities include:
Group ice-breaker
Individual questions and assessment
Artwork interpretation based on a realisations
Pair and group sharing
Reflection and takeaway points

Workshop outcome: participants will learn what their superpower is and come away with a deeper understanding of themselves.

Workshop 4: Let’s access our strong and weak self

This workshop is all about visualisations and powerful questions. Participants will be encouraged to look at points in their life where they felt at their strongest and at their weakest. Using all of their senses, we will be delving deeper into the feelings of those moments, and learning how to tap into those feelings when needed.

Activities include:
Visualisation sessions, including powerful questions to evoke feelings and heighten senses
Artwork interpretation; pictures and words
Reflection and awareness
Takeaway points

Workshop outcome: These activities give participants an insight into what makes them feel confident and how to access that energy. It also helps them discover what happens when they are feeling weak enabling them to be conscious and be confident when they wish to.

Workshop 5: Let’s focus on the good things

By using various mindfulness techniques, participants will learn how to be more present - more in touch with their mind, body and feelings at that given moment. Throughout the session, they will be introduced to various mindfulness techniques, including Tibetan singing bowls and mindful movement.

Activities include:
Introduction to mindfulness
Mindfulness meditation
Various mindfulness activities
Mindful movement
Reflection and awareness
Takeaway points

Workshop outcome: Participants will be able to use mindfulness techniques to decide how much attention they pay to different thoughts, giving them a way to talk to themselves when untrue thoughts arise. Participants will be able to separate facts and opinions and gain awareness of what is real and imaginary for them, giving them the freedom/ability to consciously choose what they want to believe.

Workshop 6: Let’s believe we can

Using a memorable event in their life, participants will use image prompts to tell a story to their workshop partner. The aim is to build a connection with other participants and discover different feelings that arise and different language that is used by the story teller. Following this, participants will delve deeper into themselves and elements of their life that have led them down their current path. They will also look back at obstacles that affected them, and current obstacles they have.

Activities include:
Story telling
Active listening and responding
Group discussion
Group work activity; time, money & energy beliefs and perspectives
Sharing, reflection and takeaway actions

Workshop outcome: By understanding the impact of decisions, people and places in their life - participants will be able mould their future consciously.

Workshop 7: Let’s choose our perspective

In this workshop participants learn the value of having multiple perspectives and how to choose the one that serves them best. By using personal examples, participants will gain an understanding of why contrasting perspectives are important and the power of choosing each one can have a different impact on their lives going forward.

Activities include:
Introduction to perspectives
Personal perspectives
Alternative perspectives
Group discussion and sharing
Accountable actions & takeaway points

Workshop outcome: This workshop will increase awareness of the participants' own perspective and how they see the world. They will learn that they can choose the perspective they want that will serve them the most in any given situation.

Workshop 8: Let’s feel and increase our emotional awareness

In this workshop, participants learn what emotional awareness is and the steps and benefits to processing their emotions through acknowledgement and overall awareness. Through mindfulness and visualisations, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of emotional awareness and how it can benefit them.

Activities include:
Intro to ‘The Feelings Wheel’
Mindfulness exercises
Artwork interpretation of feelings
Emotional awareness; acknowledgment, acceptance and processing
Group sharing & connection
Reflection and takeaway points

Workshop outcome: Participants will learn the importance of emotional awareness and the benefits to acknowledging their feelings as they experience them. They will learn that understanding their emotions can help them better relate to other people, know what they truly want and make better choices. Participants are taught practical, simple and healthy ways to process their feelings.

Workshop 9: Let’s express ourselves through creativity

In this workshop participants delve into all things self-expression - why, what and how. They will discover different ways in which they can express themselves and find types of creative expression that suits their personality. Throughout the workshop, we discuss fears and how to overcome them.

Activities include:
Group discussion; why should we express ourselves?
Different forms of creative expression
Practical activities to experience creative expression
Discovering and identifying boundaries
Communication and kindness techniques
Sharing and reflection

Workshop outcome: Participants will discover ways in which they can express themselves creatively and become fearless in their expression, while maintaining healthy boundaries with others.

Workshop 10: Let's create our future, make a plan and take action

If your life was a story, what genre would it be?

In this workshop, participants will look at their past, present and future. They will write and tell their stories to gain a deeper awareness of themselves and the key experiences in their lives as well as giving them clarity of their desires in the future.

Activities include:
Story creation and sharing session
Assessment of current life and experiences
Goal setting (SMART goals)
Artwork interpretations
Sharing and reflection
Accountable actions & takeaway points

Workshop outcome: This workshop teaches participants how to set goals and take action, showing them a variety of skills and techniques to do this with ease. It will also helps them gain clarity and learn what it is they really want and how to start taking the small steps to get there.