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I am totally gobsmacked just now, I've always hoped i would be picked, It's such a great feeling being picked out of so many great people,

Update: Since winning #SBS we moved on to a new venture called Tidy Up Trash-Scotland, Which takes care of all household & Business Rubbish and Junk,

So far so good and now recently Won Business of the Week from via twitter,

We now live at so if you need us just give us a shout to Take out the trash!!!

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Our website has been our dream, After a few years of this dreaming never going away, We thought "We just have to do it" It took us about 18 months to find the best suppliers in the country, and they now supply us with the finest branded products,

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Never give up hope !! Find the right people to start off with and everything else will fall into place,

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*Free Shipping on all Children's Shoes* Now oN!!

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