My Buzz

We are a super small team so time is precious to us. Winning #SBS is an honour and a great achievement in itself. But the coverage, the opportunity to promote and the chance to network with other business minded people, all which #SBS creates, is worth 1000 hours.

We're now more driven than ever to get every dog that barks in the U.K on their owners wall as artwork!

My Bio

I love dogs, music technology and art - this is why Woof On The Wall exists.

Woof On The Wall offers the unique experience of converting your pet's voice into customisable sound waveform artwork. Be it a dog's bark, a cat's meow or a horse's neigh, your animal generates it's own unique sound wave.

Whilst studying for a masters in Music Technology and working as a sound designer for TV/film, I needed a dog sample for a project. I recorded my in-laws small army of 4 dogs and noticed how much each bark differed and was unique to them. A wave of creative spread across my mind as Christmas 2015 drew closer, and the first Woof On The Wall print was created - as a gift to the family. 4 months later after HUGE interest was open for business.

We now print our unique sound waveform artwork on canvases, mugs, pet beds and more, ship our products worldwide, we've had interviews on major radio stations, articles and national press coverage in over 10 papers and magazines. Who knows what the future holds?

Our products blend technology and creative design, producing a bespoke, personal treasure that will last generations. Our prints make great talking pieces, sentimental gifts and unique memories.

My Business Tips

Follow your passion and listen to the customer. They both make up 99% of your business.

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