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It's been nothing short of amazing ! I'm still trying to keep up with all the many wonderful tweets & followers that have been flowing in !

My Bio

Growing up in the countryside, I've always been surrounded by animals. I knew I was destined to spend my life working with and caring for them. I've worked most of my life in farming or horse yards and dogs are a big part of my daily life. For years I have always thought of dog beds as a means to an end, they never lasted very long and I was always frustrated by how they didn't seem to do the job they were meant to do. They seemed non supportive and looked messy after only one wash ! Freddy, my Border Collie, inadvertently changed all of that.

He'd been very sick and I'd been told by my vet that he needed to be kept as peaceful and undisturbed as possible in order to recover. He was 14 years old, with arthritis and the dog beds I had didn't really cut it. I had a difficult task of keeping him as comfortable as possible, away from my other 2 dogs. After searching online and becoming disillusioned I eventually fashioned a bed myself using memory foam. The results couldn't have been any better. Freddy made a fantastic recovery but there was one problem. My other dogs loved the bed so much they kept stealing it, leaving me with no choice but to make two more.

I soon realized I had created something that was working for the dogs. I hadn't had any intentions of beginning a business but I had to listen to what the dogs were telling me. Naturally, us humans can understand the benefits of memory foam and enjoy its comforts but surely our pets would get the same benefits from them too ?

I started contacting specialist veterinary practices and asked them if they would like to trial a bed. They liked them so much they decided to use them for all their post operative patients. They carried my business flyers, leading to more customers, leading to a web site and a busier Ninna !

I've worked hard on finding the right fabrics and suppliers to bring a fully British made dog bed that not only lasts for years but looks great and, most importantly, keeps our dogs comfortable !

My Business Tips

Believe in yourself,
Always treat your customers the way you would like to be treated,
Work hard,
Accept the fact you won't always get things right, first, second or third time ! So be prepared to be patient with yourself & your business
Work harder,
If you believe in your product/business others will too,
Life isn't easy & neither is running your own business, but you will succeed if you never give up!

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