My Buzz

Doing good and helping others is as personally rewarding as it is desperately needed in this troubled world.

And business as a force for good has huge potential. That's why I set up Work for Good, to create a massive new channel of philanthropic funding by unleashing the giving intent of the UK's 5.7m SMEs.

For business making it easy to embed charitable pledges into their day to day commerce, which is good for both the charity and the donor business - after all people increasingly want to buy from and work for businesses that do good.

For charities we make it easy for them to accept these offers of support that they struggle to handle directly, due to legal, tax and minimum donation policy barriers.

My Bio

Investment banker turned entrepreneur. Left the City 5 years ago to take all of my professional energy to businesses that are primarily about positive social impact.

Work for Good is my full time passion, current / recent non-exec roles include Shape History, The Microloan Foundation, Shakespeare's Globe, adn Ivy House Learning.

My Business Tips

Think big.
Hire great people and empower them.
Be resilient, the road to innovation and success will not be easy
Have fun along the way.

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