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Z-O-E is a pattern design and illustration studio based in Surrey.

Starting with muslin products in 2016, Z-O-E launched with patterned muslin squares – an essential everyday baby item, but with our own twist of sophisticated and bright patterns for the parent and caregiver. Since then, our 100% cotton pre-washed muslin goods have now expanded into dribble bibs, snuggle blankets, and more, providing the versatility needed when caring for your baby as they grow from newborn to toddler.

Whether you are looking for a dribble bib for your child, or a gift set to welcome a friend or families newborn, all our products are made with the softest material and high colour number to produce unique modern designs that both caregiver and child will love.

At Z-O-E we aim to share our enthusiasm for design by creating busy, contemporary patterns with a unique style, all with you in mind. At the end of the day, our aim is to connect with you through our passion and love for design.

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