My Buzz

That RT from Theo was more of a rocket than a retweet; afterburners ignited, we climbed into the Twittersphere and discovered new life forms at every turn.

This is Major Flowers to Ground Control, we're stepping through the door, and we're floating in a most peculiar way, and the flowers look very different today..........

My Bio

Zara and Paul set up Zara Flora together in 2003, operating a distinctive retail outlet in Ship Street, East Grinstead for two decades. In November 2023, the business relocated to a studio on the estate of Ashdown Park Hotel, East Sussex.

Zara's unique designs and style have earned the business a fine reputation. Zara Flora is recognised as one of the leading florists and floral designers in the South of England.

My Business Tips

Be passionate and creative in everything you do, and laugh as much as possible every day!

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