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Zest 4 Learning is a pre-school learning programme that supplies parents with the resources and advice to enable them to create a Love of Learning in their child. We believe that the formative years in a child life, sets attitudes and self-belief that will last through-out their school life and beyond. The monthly packs conveniently contain absolutely everything required to complete the fun educational activities and crafts. We want children to start school familiar with what is required of them, feeling confident and excited, and have acquired a love of learning.

My Bio

Hello, I'm Carole Hender founder of Zest 4 Learning Ltd. I originally trained as a graphic designer and had a successful advertising agency in Gloucester. However I sold my shares to follow my husbands career and for many years worked as teaching assistant whilst being mum, and studying for a degree and then Masters degree with the wonderful Open University. Zest 4 Learning was founded in 2015 but is based on an idea i'd had 15 years earlier when my daughter was very young. Then it was called the Happy Learning Programme and was test marketed and received some great testimonial, but I didn't have the funds, time or confidence to launch it as a proper business at that time. We are still a very young Company but recruiting families to the programme from all over the UK and we are very proud to have won the #SBS award.

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