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The benefits of SEO to your business are many and varied…first though, let's look at the reasons you have a website in the first place so we can put those benefits into perspective.

I think in this day and age I don't know of any companies who have a website for the sake of it. Most business owners realise that a website and The Internet in general has a lot to offer, so why do you have a website? It's likely to be one or more of the following…

  • As an 'online business card' so prospects can get in touch?
  • To sell products and services online?
  • To help existing customer support?
  • To build your brand, trust and credibility online?

I think essentially these four, and any other reasons you can think of, all equate to making money…or more specifically more profit.

In which case read on…

1) SEO is an investment not a cost

You can achieve a large return for a relatively low to modest spend. Pretty much any site can be optimised for any keywords and phrases desired. The only limiting factors are time and money. Before you start though, make sure you know what you're getting in to…understand the potential return compared to the resources required.

The benefits are long lasting. A top rank for a specific keyword is unlikely to be lost over night (unless you engage in questionably practices) more often over a period of time. Compared with PPC however which is like a tap you can turn on and off.

It will help you maximise your sales funnel by ensuring you have a steady stream of inbound enquiries, making your website your hardest working sales person!

2) SEO can increase your businesses reach

Whether your target audience is local, national or global…SEO can get you in front of them.

This means that smaller retailers now have the ability to access international markets…..and they don't even need premises to do it!

3) SEO compliments and integrates with other forms of marketing

SEO can be even more powerful when combined with social media, PR and coupons/offers.

It can help ensure consistency between your different channels and provide evidence of triggers to action.

4) SEO can build your credibility and your brand

You can make your brand synonymous with certain keywords, customers will start to relate you as being an expert in that field.

By creating the content to get top rankings you will increase yours and your website's authority.

You'll make sure that you are where your customers are right when they need you.

5) SEO is targeted marketing

You know the size of the market, in fact to some extent you have control over it. You can control how competitive you want to be.

You can focus only on converting keywords and refine your campaign over time.

You're able to deliver a targeted message direct to your audience.

6) SEO is measurable

You can gain invaluable campaign insights easily as you go, relatively cheaply.

The continual feedback cycle of an SEO campaign means it's constantly being refined and improved.

7) SEO can feedback

Allowing you to highlight and exploit opportunities that you're currently not doing.

Streamline your sales and marketing process.

Helping you avoid low revenue and high competition segments.


SEO has something to offer most businesses, it's proven to no longer to be a leap of faith. If understand your goals and you do your research properly upfront you'll make sure that you maximise the benefits outlined above and reduce the risks.

There are standard ways of estimating a financial return from a campaign, use this to calculate a range…worst case and best case scenarios as it's unlikely that you'll hit and maintain #1 slot for all your keywords, and certainly no agency would guarantee it, so be sure that even worst case your still going to make an acceptable return.

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