My Buzz

We've created a unique prototype that will track and film you on the move. It's your very own personal robot videographer. Unlike other robots and gimbals, it's been built specifically for the high demands of sports player tracking. However, it can be used for ANY hands-free auto-tracking and videoing environment.

With the EyeSite Module attached (on the AVA Full Pack), you can add movement to your Zoom conference calls, Facetime, Instagram, Skype..etc, you could even use as a moving webcam?! It's got manual control functionality too for those wanting a smooth pan, motion time lapse videos (1, 3, 6, 9 hour for 360 degrees settings) or a perfect panorama - great for photography enthusiasts.

My Bio

My name is Paul Jessop, I've been involved in Sport and IT work-wise for more than 20 years. After embarking on a MSc in Computer Aided Product Design and separately a MSc in Computer Science, I developed a keen interest in developing an electrical and computer related product. It took nearly 20 years for me to arrive at something I was happy with, which is where we are with AVA (The Automated Videoing Assistant). It will hopefully be in the hands of consumers this Autumn.

My Business Tips

- Crowdfunding is a great way to test your product and get a budget to make it a reality. The AVA project has secured over £33k in Crowdfunding.

- If you're looking to run Ads to get your business known, let the Professionals do it as they'll save you a lot more in the sales they'll generate for you than what you think you'll save by trying to do it yourself and getting less sales. Of course, this is just our experience.

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