My Buzz

Biz Promo Video was born on twitter 3 weeks before winning #SBS on the 31st March 2013 and our business has gone fron strength to strength with a customer base all over the world and feel very privelaged to be asked by Ryman to create the video on this all new #SBS website. We now have over 17,000 followers on twitter and growing numbers of followers and supporters across all our social media platforms.

My Bio

Biz Promo Video specialises in cost effective short promo videos enabling micro, small or large companies raise their profile with video. We can help businesses on a tight budget get stated with a whiteboard video for just £40 and go right through to offering full animated videos just like the one you see on here.

Video can be used to educate your customers on your product, processes or facilities. This is very effective when your company is making big improvements or launching a new product or service. The video can then be posted on your company website and/or streamed via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

I often get asked how much do we spend on marketing? My answer is minimal as all our adverting is done through our social media networks and word of mouth.

My Business Tips

I have some simple rules in business where so many people seem to fail these days.

1. Be nice!
2. Offer first class service
3. Deliver when you promise to
4. Help others where possible - you do get remembered!

These set of simple rules are what we still follow today and have helped us grow to where we are today.

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