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Since launching in early August this year our personalised video invitations for kids' parties have caught on pretty quick, with mums, dads and children loving how easy, fast and affordable it is to create and send your own personalised video invitation,, track your RSVPs as your guests respond, and send reminders & updates about your party.

Each template is professionally animated and can be customised to include your photo and party details, allowing you to send a personalised video invitation that captures your guests' imagination and their RSVPs!

Save time, stay organised and kick-start the fun with Mini-Epic!

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Mini-Epic is an online platform where parents can create and send personalised video invitations for kids' parties. Just choose a template, add your photo and party details, preview your video in seconds, and send to your guests online.

For £9.99 you can create your personalised video invitation and send it to up to 30 guests, track your RSVPs and send reminders & updates too. If you need to send it to more friends you can add more to your guest list for just 10p/extra guest.

We know that not everyone has everyone's email, so you can also download your personalised video invitation to share with a closed group on social media, or as a fun keepsake!

Mini-Epic was founded by Jonathan Shine, a professional motion graphics artist and father to twin seven year old girls. His daughters regularly help with ideas for new templates, and he describes his wife as his creative ping-pong partner. " We serve up a few ideas to each other and bat them around until we think we've got a good creative route for the next invitation."

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Our founder says : "If there is one thing above everything else I've learned along the way to where I am now, it's perseverance. Keep going, keep changing, keep an eye on what's out there and how it might benefit your own business, and keep refining your own product and ideas.

Aside from that, I'd have to say that you really have to put yourself out there, meet people, talk to them about their business, find out about their story. Anyone starting or already running a business is facing, or has faced, the same challenges as you, and sharing this can be invaluable in gaining confidence or filling in the gaps where you lack knowledge."

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