My Buzz

We were over the moon when we heard the news of winning SBS, the evening of our first #sbswinnershour we had two enquiries through the website that were referrals from Twitter.

My Bio

As individuals we've over 30 years design for print experience and in 2011 we decided to offer something different to the design industry. NW Design a family run creative design studio was formed and the main aim was to offer an honest approach to Graphic Design and advertising. While speaking to clients we were shocked to hear the prices design agencies were charging and even more surprised when we saw sub standard work for x10+ the price of ours.

We started the business because of our passion for design and the chance to produce something of value and lasting quality for our customers. The main aim was to produce great quality work while remaining affordable for SME's and the everyday business owner. It's fair to say that our customers return time and time again because we put our personal touch on things and literally go that extra mile when and where possible.

My Business Tips

Our main business tip is to be "HONEST" and to communicate well with your clients. We're firm believers in communication and the customers should know exactly where you're up to with their project. Cost is another big factor, we're not here to rip people off, we love what we do which is why our prices can remain affordable.

Having a passion for what you do daily makes it feel not so much like work.

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