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As all small business owners know, this game we're in is long hours and hard, hard work.

However, when we look back on our journeys, it's not the late nights and tightening of belts that we remember, it's moments like this. The high-five moments, the punch the air moments, these fantastically encouraging moments of recognition.

My Bio

We noticed that on any given high street, so many small businesses did not have a website. We asked them why, and the answers were always the same: "They're too expensive", "We don't know how", "We don't have the time", "We had one, but we could never update it!". The more high streets we explored, the more we found this to be a recurring theme.

We set up OvernightSite to help these businesses. To charge an extremely affordable price. To turn around websites in as little as 24 hours ('overnight'). To gather content so they don't have to. To always provide a user-friendly content management system, so all our customers will be able to keep their websites updated and refreshed. To make the whole process as refreshingly simple as possible.

As our company has evolved, and we've added more and more services to our offering, our client base has grown to larger and larger companies throughout the UK, Europe and the World. Despite relishing in these greater challenges, we've never lost sight of why we started, and will always offer our special, affordable, quick turn-around service for small businesses, start-ups and individuals.

My Business Tips

Setting up a small business isn’t a part-time job. It’s a lifestyle. Don’t approach it complacently or half-heartedly and whatever you do don’t believe in the phrase ‘overnight success’. Work hard, push yourself…give it your all.

Oh yeh, and make sure you have a good website...

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