My Buzz

Learn to rock climb or kayak, join us on a guided walk or canoe trip, challenge yourself with the Yorkshire Three Peaks event or come on a navigation workshop with us.
If you're already an Adventurer let us help you improve your skills and prepare you for your NGB awards.
We also run Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions.
We have a number of courses/workshops/events each year but will also tailor days specifically to your needs, so whatever you want to do in the Great Outdoors, just get in touch to discuss!

My Bio

"I grew up hiking in the hills and kayaking on rivers then discovered rock climbing while studying at University. It was years later when I changed my hobby into my career, retraining to teach Outdoor Adventure Sports at a higher education college that I saw how the young people grew through learning new skills and experiencing new activities, and it made me want to teach more widely. I founded RockRiver Expeditions in 2015 and now work with people of all ages, throughout the UK, teaching skills and facilitating your adventures.”

“I will help you take your first steps into the mountains, discover the thrill of climbing on rock and the exhilaration of paddling down rivers. Or if you’re already out there and want to improve I will share my knowledge and experience to enable you to stretch your horizons further.”

We will take you from dreamer to Adventurer.

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