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We are newly selected but I hope to reach communities and individuals who are either running groups or clubs and want support - or are inspired to start something new. We take the risk out of that work and make it easy to get through the tiresome red tape!

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Sally has wide ranging experience of working with youth services, education, charities, business and social enterprises. She also writes regularly for the Guardian Professional online.

RunAClub is a new online resource that provides an easy-to-use online toolkit to save you time and money, freeing you up to focus on supporting your members and the local community.

RunAClub includes your own club webpage, storage for your club documents, quality assured step-by-step guide, blogs and forums, latest news and governance and online support 7 days a week.
Plus you can record all your members’ information safely, and the simple system will provide data to help you attract funding and keep track of attendance along with other statistics.
Benefits include:
• Club membership and an online account
• Easy, step-by-step guide to running your club effectively and safely
• Online calendar to help you and your volunteers stay organised, remember
important renewal dates, and prepare for events
• 7 days a week online customer support
• Your own dedicated web page to post news/events and photos
• Question and answer facility
• Simple, but wide-ranging, quality-assured guidance on meeting current
legislation, recruiting and training volunteers, marketing and fundraising,
together with information on relevant policies, practical issues and much,
much more
• Online storage of your club documents – helpful for when you share or
change leaders
• Facts and figures about your members to help you with your marketing and
make sure you can attract enough members, and to give you information to
support your bids for funding.

Community connections:
• Access to bulletin boards to promote your club locally and learn about t
training opportunities
• Chance to read and contribute to blogs from other RunAClub organisers
and share good practice
• Messaging service to keep in touch
• Links to other local services
• The RunAClub online forum for swapping unwanted items
• Quarterly club newsletters and e-bulletins
• Access to a national directory of clubs.

For further information please contact RunAClub at You can also watch our animated story.

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained! What have you got to lose by trying?

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