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Looking forward to bringing my new website, updated brand and newly formed racing team to #SBS in early 2020 and sharing how my product/services are developing...will be bring along my new business partner and Operations Director.

9-12th January - Autosport International - Exhibited at the show. Formed a new partnership with Renault Clio Cup UK and showcased their new racing car on our stand (1st ever seen in the world) Started a new partnership with Autosport.

2nd January - Autosport & Motorsport Mews - I hit the press with news on my company, developments and racing team news...big milestone being publishes in the magazine I have read for many years.

1-2nd Nov 2019 - Motorsport Days Live event at Silverstone...responsible for attracting educators and students to the show and exhibited my company for the first time. Partnered with Motorsport Days Live for the foreseeable future.

28th April 2019 - Hull Street Race - We we're kindly invited as a guest to the Greenpower Education Trust Hull City Street Race 2019 by no other than the CEO of Greenpower Paul Van Veggel to witness the first ever UK and Greenpower electric street race.

11/12th March 2019 - We're at Airbus in Chester for the two day National Finals of the

8th March 2019 - New partnership formed with motorsport simulation and esports company World Pro Racing...see our social feeds for more information.

12th Feb 2019 - We attended another fantastic event at the 2019 #SBS in Birmingham.

Jan 2019 - Work experience programmes launched at Student Motorsport.

My Bio


"Student Motorsport was brought to life through my personal experiences as both a motorsport student, motorsport lecturer and professional in the motorsport industry. My passion for helping people has led to the vision and drive to develop a website and community that will help students and young people to enter into the motorsport industry; it's been a personal goal since I started at my first full-time motorsport job in 2008.

It's from my collective experiences in the industry that I have been able to develop the idea and website that is Student Motorsport. I have been lucky enough to study motorsport at two FE (Further Education) and HE (Higher Education) levels where I was introduced to a wide range of subject areas that have helped me to develop the knowledge that I use in my motorsport career today. Subject areas such as 'Motorsport Industry', Engineering Design', 'Competition Car Preparation', Team & Event Management' and Computer Aided Design' together with the hands on experience I have gained working in the industry have all gone towards developing my motorsport career and the website to date.

These collective experiences include my time as an undergraduate and graduate student in motorsport, a motorsport employee where I have worked as a race car technician for many years and a motorsport college lecturer and team manager. Collectively I have a better understanding of what it is like trying to start and develop a career in the industry. Therefore I am able to better understand what support students and young people need in order to succeed in this challenging and demanding environment.

You'll see that our website is a developing and we're working hard to drive our community in which like-minded individuals can come together to share their motorsport experiences. We see the website as a 'vehicle' and 'tool' that together with our visitors and members we can develop to help them in many ways. We welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas as to the direction the site should take.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions I am more than happy to hear from you."

JP Latham

My Business Tips

So my small business tips are:

1. Time to stop – Your productivity and focus will drop, have a ‘cut off’ time for working and stick to it…be kind to your mind and body.
2. Believe – You must believe above and beyond in your product or service, surround yourself with positive people, you are a product of your environment.
3. Prioritise – Have a daily/weekly to do list, physical ticking things off is good for the mind, but remember it’s ok for a plan to change.
4. Staff – If you are lucky enough to have staff take care of them and reward well, they represent your brand.
5. Cash - Be sure to 'take care of the money'...As Theo says 'cash is king'...try to save.

Read, take part and share your passion with the group.

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