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My Bio

Born without arms, I try to provide an inspirational look at what can be achieved against the odds. I will interact with the audience, and not only invite questions, but will challenge you to think about their life choices in a whole new way. My overall AIM is simple. To raise Aspirations, provide Inspiration, and to create Motivation amongst everyone I meet!

I was born on 12th February 1982. Unexpectedly, I was born with no arms and the story began right there in the hospital delivery room in Middlesbrough. Over thirty years later, I now explore my life so far in my own unique humorous, thought provoking and inspirational style.

I will take you on the journey I have experienced in both my personal life, and also my professional career. I will explain how I have defied the odds and progressed from being an office trainee to a senior manager. I will also cover my additional current roles, including a charity trustee, school governor and judicial office holder.

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